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Your RC Car deserves the best German quality with outstanding features to stand out from the crowd! LMT Lehner Motors provide you with the possibility of running up to 15S Lipos and their 85 000 RPM can push your setup with unbelievable power. Take advantage of that and get proper tool to break the records!
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You can choose from the wide range of motors of different sizes split into 5 series (10xx, 15xx, 19xx, 22xx and 30xx). These engines enable you to choose the way you want to cool them. There are 3 options – air, water and integrated cooling systems. Moreover, with LMT Lehner Motors you can even select required RPM/volt, which gives you a never-ending range of setup possibilities!

Professionalism in every piece, that’s what LMT stands for.

Total records: 26
Total records: 26