Interview with Lukas Vacek

Lukas Vacek is the world class RC helicopter pilot. We are glad that we can cooperate with this gifted pilot on development of our Electronic Speed Controllers. Read the interview with Lukas about his last season, testing day and more.

Hi Lukas, to introduce you to people that might not know you, can you please tell us something about your beginning with RC helicopters?

Hi guys, I've been interested in RC modeling since my childhood. As a little kid I started cutting out paper models. After some time and with greater accessibility of equipment I started with airplane models and after that I finally got into RC helicopter acrobatics. I am glad that I had to go through this long process, because now I can proudly say I was a part of modern RC modeling.

For today's youth it is much easier to start with RC modeling. All they have to do is to go to an RC shop, buy a model and it is more or less ready to fly. My situation was totally different. I had to struggle with constructing models from the scratch and I'm happy for that, because it helps me to see the problems I go through in a more complex way.


It has been 2 years, since you got the chance to compete with the best pilots in the world. Have this experience helped you to improve your training process?

Last season was utterly new experience for me. I changed the way of practicing and focused mainly on set maneuvers and freestyle tricks. I performed the whole flight only at the events I was invited to.

I really enjoyed the last season. I’m thankful that I had a chance to visit foreign countries I would have never got the chance to visit. Throughout the whole season, there were some small technical bugs, but I take it as part of my hobby, because some maneuvers are really far beyond the construction possibilities of my equipment. :-)

You are MGM COMPRO testing pilot. Which events have you visited to represent our colors?

I represented MGM COMPRO in Germany, Iffenzheim at RotorLIVE 2016 event. It is the biggest trade fair for helicopters in Europe. I participated in the battle event where only 20 pilots from all over the world got nominated. We competed in the flight to music discipline. It was battle rated, so you win and proceed to the next round or your participation is over. In the first round I competed with the winner of this competition in 2014. I lost my round, but I was really glad I could compare my skills with one of 3 best pilots in the world.

Then I got the chance to compete with the world class pilots at unofficial world championship Global 3D, which took place in Venlo, Netherlands. Despite technical issues, I took 10th place in the Experts category.

What is on your schedule for the end of this year/next year?

Next season I am going to compete at RotorLIVE again. We are going to introduce thenew firmware update with MGM COMPRO we've been collaborating on the whole year. The fans and RC Helicopter freaks have the chance to visit our shop and get detailed look at MGM COMPRO products.

It is too soon for other plans, but you can regularly check MGM CONTROLLERS website.

Thank you for the interview. We are looking forward for the next testing day with you!

Yes, I was a pleasure for me. The next testing day should be in January 2017, so stay tuned! :-) Bye!