Introducing X2-SERIES

Introducing 32-bit X2-SERIES, X2-SERIES PRO, X2-SERIES LITE, intelligence and performance in their best form.

MGM COMPRO is pleased to use its new MGM website for modelling products to announce a new line of the most advanced X2-SERIES controllers. The MGM COMPRO line provides a quality industrial grade solution to the modelling market. Intelligent X2-SERIES, X2-SERIES PRO and X2-SERIES LITE controllers are based on the industrial line of MGM COMPRO controllers.

These 3 new lines represent a completely new concept in model controllers. They deliver exclusive design and premium service in addition to the high performance 32-bit processors, top quality materials, innovative solutions and a whole spectrum of unique properties that you have grown accustomed to from MGM COMPRO products. The lines feature guaranteed expedited service (both warranty and post-warranty) in short deadlines within 10 days (for the X2 SERIES) or 5 days (for the X2 SERIES PRO).

The uniqueness of these products is further confirmed by the warranty, which is unmatched among model controllers. The warranty is 3 years for X2-SERIES controllers and 5 years for X2-SERIES PRO. MGM CONTROLLERS deliver the highest levels of the most reliable quality.

X2 line controllers enable you to achieve better performance, more speed and greater efficiency in your models, projects and records. X2 controllers offer increased options in terms of set up and diagnostics to achieve your optimum set up while getting the best performance out of your model. The X2 line includes controllers from lower power levels on up to 25 kW! The controllers can be powered (depending on type) using anywhere from 2S to 15S cell batteries. Higher voltage, higher current, higher performance. We strive to deliver customer service at the highest possible level along with the best products. Convince yourself and contact one of our staff who'd be happy to provide you with all the information and assistance you need.

Presenting the new line of X2 controllers: intelligence and performance in their best form.