Losi 5 DBXL on the snow

The winter is coming and with snow it usually divides the end of the season and the start of the new one. If you’re used to put your RC on ice during winter months - you don’t have to. Our friend Samuli tested for you his Losi DBXL Flux in ten centimeters of the wet snow. Find out more about his setup and check out the video of his ride in the article.

If you are unhappy due to the pause caused by a few winter months, then check the video of our friend Samuli enjoying snow with his Losi DBXL. It shows that with the right car you can enjoy even snow bashing.

But there is one important rule you have to follow to keep your car in the best condition. You have to seal up all the "guts" of your car and dry all the electric components after every single ride. You will prevent your components from rusting and serious problems. Then you can enjoy your rides in the snow repeatedly.

Why Losi DBXL?

Losi is ideal RC car for snow riding because of its heavy-duty construction. You can choose from 2 models of “Ready to Run” Edition – Losi DBXL and legendary Losi 5IVE-T.

Our friend Samuli owns Losi DBXL equipped with Lehner motor and MGM COMPRO ESC TMM 25063-3 for cars X2-series . This combination gives him 20 HP!

Wanna know how Samuli’s Losi performed on the snow? Check out the video below!