Rotor Iffezheim 2018

From 10th to 11th of march MGM CONTROLLER|S with MGM CONTROLLERS Heli Team visited Baden Racing Track to attend Rotor LIVE 2018

9th ROTOR Live

This event has traditionally taken place on Baden racetrack in Iffezheim (DE) which is only a few kilometres from the border with France.

Our HELI Team pilots Lukas Vacek and Fabian Kloß were there with us


Unfortunately, Fabian was eliminated in the first round of the contest. He tried to PUSH THE LIMITS really hard and crashed right into a shrub. His flight showed a great promise for upcoming GLOBAL 3D.

After some small repairs, our guys showed really great performance when they presented MGM CONTROLLERS technology in action.


Thank you guys for being part of our team and ROTOR Live for a great event.

Hope to see you next year!