Check out newly adjusted Helicopter by LAHELI called V2 Sniper. This beautifully designed piece can be precisely tuned by using MGM COMPRO ESCs.

We are glad to inform you about another nice Helicopter from the workbench of Czech producer LAHELI. These guys doesn't make only bigger scales such as 700 class. Sniper V2 falls into smaller 500 class with interesting features.

This model went through major adjustments so the actual version has much better parameters than before. Majority of users is very happy with extremely precise and stable control over the Helicopter through the ESC "governor mode". Using such a feature gives you the opportunity to precisely tune your Helicopter and enjoy thrilling maneuvers!


  • Weight 1580g
  • Li-Pol 6S 2650mA batteries
  • MGM ESC TMM 8026-3 X2 Series
  • Extremely stable MGM COMPRO governor mode
  • S-BEC 5-6V or HV-BEC 5-8V