• 5 Years guarantee
  • 40 KW Max power
  • 800 A continuous current
  • 15s cell Li-pol/Li-ion batteries

Check out what our fellas can do with MGM TECHNOLOGY

For all scales
Every piece tested under peak current
Designed developed manufactured in Europe
2048 throttle steps
32 bit award-winning system
2-100 pole motors of all brands
Professional data logger original MGM Compro user friendly software optimizing parameters = most powerful setup to break the records
Unique system engine and battery protection
Battery long life mode
Ready to run editions

All features and parameters

Check out all the outstanding features and parameters of MGM CONTROLLERS for your RC. It doesn‘t depend on which scale of model you have, MGM ESCs bring more power, speed and setup possibilities for every size. MGM CONTROLLERS can face the continuous current reaching 800A (peak 1000A) with up to 15S cells LiPol/Li-Ion batteries, e.g. tremendous 50 kW, which barely find a competitor. More cells, higher current and wide range of unique tools enable you to find the most powerful setup.

Parameters & features:

  • Outstanding quality – up to 5 years warranty!
  • Each piece goes through series of complex tests before shipment
  • Professional Data Logger (data recorder) - precise data logging + data analysis
  • Telemetry (real-time back data transfer) & Real-Time Monitoring Feature (PC)
  • Award-Winning 32-BIT SYSTEM
  • Gold up to 8-Layer PCBs, 105um
  • Unique system of care, control and protections for Engine and Batteries
  • Tools for optimal tuning of your setup
  • Plug and Go – “quick start” mode
  • Possibility to send data to MGM for detailed Analysis
  • MGM COMPRO Industrial Technology
  • Designed, developed and manufactured in Europe

To reliably control such a power MGM ESCs have a sophisticated system of internal protections. We have also developed plenty of mechanisms to protect your engine and batteries. One of the top features for finding optimal tuning of your setup you surely appreciate is our precise data logging and phase current measurement. With such tools you can easily tune your setup to stand out from the crowd!

Your RC model deserves precise system of control and protection. Along with the highest performance on the market, unique facilities for data analysis and premium customer care you have a top-of-the–range solution for both enjoying your ride and braking records!

Outstanding customer care

  • 5 day service
  • Send to MGM Compro button
  • Live support

3 categories to choose from

  • Basic Series

    suitable for ordinary users

    You won't regret your choice if you look for elementary solution without any advanced functions.

  • Premium Series

    the best price to performance ratio

    If you wanna find the balance between price and having fun adjusting your setup, go for this category!

  • Ultimate Series

    makes you stand out of the crowd

    In case you aim really high and braking records is what satisfies you, X2 Series PRO deserves your attention!

More Power, Speed and Efficiency

More Power, Speed and Efficiency

You deserve more power, speed and efficiency! This is why we’re coming with MGM CONTROLLERS top-of-the-range solutions for your RC models!

Explore truly brutal power you can get with our brushless ESCs! Continuous current of 800A and up to 15 battery cells can deliver unbelievable 40 kW of pure power, which you can easily transform into a really high speed!



MGM CONTROLLERS brushless ESCs are developed to bring ultimate performance for your RC model.

It doesn’t matter what scale you have, our electronic speed controllers match every size! RC Cars, Race Boats, Airplanes, Helicopters and Multicopters, we have developed high-quality electronic speed controllers for each of these categories!

Premium Quality

Outstanding quality

Experience outstanding quality, which is covered by up to 5 years warranty! We are really confident about the high standard we deliver, since each piece of MGM CONTROLLERS brushless ESCs goes through series of complex tests before shipment.

You can be sure you always get precise piece of work!

Premium Customer Care

Premium Customer Care

Since we want to make sure you get the best performance out of your MGM CONTROLLERS brushless ESCs, we provide you with a premium customer care!

In case you need any help, our guys will be happy to assist you via e-mail, Skype or Facebook. There’s also possibility to use our “Send to MGM button” for transferring data direct to us for detailed analysis! We’re ready to co-operate with you on finding the best possible settings for your RC model!


Unique Telemetry

Discover new possibilities with MGM CONTROLLERS unique telemetry! Enjoy our “modeler tailor made” Real-Time Back Data Transfer & Real-Time Monitoring Feature for PC.

Finding the best settings for your RC model has never been such exciting! MGM CONTROLLERS brushless speed controllers give you much more setup possibilities than you can imagine!

Enjoy our menu! Bon appetit!