40kw of Power - LMT 30100 ▪️ MGM CONTROLLERS

40kw of Power - LMT 30100

New LMT motor has been already on the market for some days now and there is still a lot of fuss and questions around it. We will try to give you as much info as we can.

Stronger, better, faster.. bigger.

LMT 30100 was born by the end of the year 2019 and it was actually Christmas surprise for many RC fans. Every technological innovation in this world means something and brings us the possibility of further breaking the rules of our limits how far can we go with our toys. The 30100 replaced the older 3080 engine on the throne of the most powerful LMT engine.

The total weight of the engine starts at 2kg, which is almost 500g more than its predecessor.. and the power is increased by 20%. Lehner again offers us a choice of more options from its configuration. The only thing missing is the possibility to choose the size of the shaft. We have only 10mm left due to frequent cracking and mechanical damage possibility caused by high power in the 8mm shaft option.This brings us to mechanical limits. All 30xx engines have a mechanical limit of 50000 rpm according to the manual. That is not different for the new engine.


Power to change everything.

LMT 30100 promises power up to 40 kW! The motor definitely brings your beasts higher efficiency and final torque for your wheels, however, if you want to use the full potential of this motor, you will have to use the TMM 80063-3 X2-SERIES. But that doesn't mean it doesn't work efficiently with other ESCs, a lot of customers already use this engine with the popular controller TMM 40063-3 X2-SERIES and testing its limits.

The motor is already on our website and a few pieces also in stock. For more information or advice leave us a message.