Season 9 had its recordings in April 2019 and featured over 60 teams from around the world. The distribution of the show takes place on Discovery and Science Channel.

For those who don’t know what BattleBots is, it’s the UFC of robot-to-robot combat, where mass destruction, carnage, and mayhem can happen in every match. A pioneering event in robot combat, with several seasons since 2000 and covering over 150 countries. And as every year, we had a chance to cooperate with some of the teams on their robots and equip them with our technology.

The bots that make the cut for televised bouts tend to be relatively sophisticated designs that aren’t exactly cheap to construct. Most teams have more than $10,000 invested in their hardware, and some spend upwards of $30,000 or more. And the rewards for winning a fight are mainly bragging rights. “Winners get prize money, but we try to keep things as egalitarian as possible,” says Munson, BattleBots co-founder and producer. “There’s a prize money pool that slowly escalates through the rounds. It is not a lot, but what they get helps when they leave the event with seven burned out motors, destroyed speed controllers, and batteries that have exploded.

Season 9 was full of action and surprises, the show is growing tremendously, and we can't wait for the next year. Congrats to Paul Ventimiglia and Team Bite Force for winning. Thank you to all competitors for making a wonderful season. Shout out to Discovery and to all the Battlebots hosts, judges and staff for making a wonderful show.Special thanks belong to our teams.

We are looking forward to next season.

Black Dragon
End Game