Cardinal Racing provided RCSparks with a completely new MCD vehicle roller (complete body without electronics). The car is very reminiscent of Pagani Zonda, but it is an unlicensed piece. Anyway, that means the vehicle naturally gives the impression of a sports car, and RCSparks decided to make it the ultimate super sports car focused just and only on speed.

We are proud that RCSparks picked our Brushless ESC + Motor Combo for this build. This "Combo" comprised of TMM 40063-3 for Cars X2-SERIES PRO and LMT 3080 Brushless Sensored Motor. He combined them with one 4 cells battery. RCSparks also upgraded MCD with the conversion kit from Cardinal racing. Because it was a roller, the construction was rather straightforward

Despite the fact that RCSparsks chose to conserve space by removing certain unnecessary roller pieces directly. Later, he also changed the tire color from dull black to a much nicer-looking white. He also removed a portion of the car's hood. He did this, as seen below so that the ESC (speed controller) fans could be seen. It looks fantastic! 

The whole car has 27 horsepower (around 20 kW), which is a lot above average RC car. As you can see here, the vehicle is not only fast but also very enjoyable to drive.