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It's been over 7 years since we started working on combat robots from all around the world and it was a hell of a crazy ride!

Who is WheelMan Designz?

"I am just a gear head with some engineering experience, and a history of hands-on fabricating, building, modifying, fixing, and creating. I am also a mechanical engineer by profession."


A new solution to the ESC configuration is now much simpler than before. Take a look at QS8-S and XT90 connectors.

40kw of Power - LMT 30100

New LMT motor has been already on the market for some days now and there is still a lot of fuss and questions around it. We will try to give you as much info as we can.


Season 9 had its recordings in April 2019 and featured over 60 teams from around the world. The distribution of the show takes place on Discovery and Science Channel.

ARRMA Limitless available now!

The first street basher in our lineup of fast, tough RC vehicles. Drivers can use their experience and equipment of choice to customize the LIMITLESS for extreme speed and power.

Hyperloop Pod Competition

1.2 km long vacuum tube next to SpaceX headquarters in California, the competition has been taking place every summer with several hundred student teams applying each year.