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Stylish Outerlimits SV43

How do you indetify really passionate modeler? Everything down to the smallest detail has to be absolutely perfect, including the transport of the model. This is exactly what our friend Keith shows us with his beautiful RC models.

Brutal speed of RC models!

Check out what happened in the world of speed and buzzing electric motors of RC models throughout the last year. We are very proud and happy that technology coming from MGM COMPRO brought so much fun, incredible speed and success in the field of RC modelling!

Extreme modelling competition

July 2015. Lake Geneva in Switzerland. 7 countries, 16 universities, 150 students. These are just the basic stats for HYDROCONTEST 2015. The event had the simple motto of "Carry more, faster and use less energy."

World's Fastest 3D Printed RC Car

Would you like to see the top technology used to design an electric RC racing car? Then you're at the right address! Check out how 3D printing helps to get the the best out of the crazy RC project of our friend James.

C&C Aermacci M346

Check out a very nice video of 2 RC jet plane masterpieces. This contribution is from the session ModelCity 2015, which took place in the Czech Republic.

World speed record with MGM ESC

Our friend Ben from the U.S. set a new world record in the N-Catamaran category. Learn more about this outstanding performance!

Riva Aquarama 1965 | MGM ESC

Not just brutal RC Powerboats, RC models of old boat legends are undoubtedly worth seeing as well! Now you have a great opportunity to explore a very nice handcrafted Riva Aquarama.