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TMM 7035-3 for Drones X2-SERIES PRO

Price includes following configuration
TMM 7035-3 for Drones X2-SERIES PRO 194,35 €
design with active FAN cooling (1 × heatsink + 1 × FAN) 19,95 €
Standard power cables 0,00 €
switching high voltage HV-BEC (5V / 6V / 7V / 8V) 19,95 €
Increased humidity protection 8,95 €
ON/OFF switch 1,95 €
Price total excl. VAT 245,15 €
nazev produktu
Need a different configuration?

Make your own custom configuration that fits your model. Choose from multiple add-ons and stand out from the crowd.

Max. peak current
Max. peak current
Operating voltage
Operating voltage
6 - 35 V
Max. continuous current
Max. continuous current
50 mm

Pushing the limits!

MGM speed controllers were designed to help you to push the limits of your model while staying on the safe side. Sophisticated data-logging and system of fuses enables you to get to the next level without risking your precious model.

Our technology was quickly adopted not just by RC modellers but various battlebots, solar boat or Space X Hyperloop teams and industrial projects.

Compatible with any motor

Whether you run inrunner, outrunner, sensored or sensorless motor. You can adjust settings of your ESC to work flawlessly with every motor on the market. We personally pair our ESCs with LMT motors made with German precision. You can choose from numerous types of motors and infinite variants of Kv. 

Advanced Programming

Thanks to our free PC application CONTROLLERS 2 you are able to discover the new possibilities of your model. Finding the best settings for your RC model has never been so exciting! Change over 50 parameters, upgrade firmware or check relevant data from the run.


To connect ESC with PC you need USBCOM5 and CC_11 cable.

Possibility of design with water-cooled heatsinks
Number of cells 2 - 8
Possibility of manually set timing
Possibility of WP version (increased protection against water)
Active free-wheeling circuit ON / OFF
Possibility of design with ON/OFF switch (connected safely)
Constant speed (Governor mode)
Reading-out of data from the controller using PC
Adjustable acceleration speed
ICS-2 connector - super-fast PC connection link
Empty batt. behaviour - motor power reduction
Masking of interference
Current fuse of the controller
ACR - Automatic Current Reduce
Telemetry (real-time back data transfer)
Possibility of operation also with sensors motors
"One-way" mode
Compatible with all types of feeding cells
Max. peak current 90A
Switching S-BEC voltage 5 V
Max. BEC current at 25 °C 6A
Operating voltage 6 - 35 V
Number of regulation steps 2048
Very high resistance against overloading
Motor PWM frequency 8 kHz
Possibility of cells temperature measuring (cells protection)
Max. RPM 200000
Possibility of setting RPM limits (motor protection)
Dimensions with external capacitor 70 mm
Possibility of very powerful switching BECs
Weight incl. all conductors 55 gram
Possibility of setting an amount of residual energy for BEC
Length of the power conductors 90 mm
Possibility of automatic setting of cut off voltage
Length of the servocable 190 mm
Manually set type of cells
Possibility of design with external heatsinks + FAN
Possibility of automatic setting of throttle limits
Possibility of WR version (full protection against water)
Possibility of connecting plane position lights and flashing lights
Software updates available through internet
External signalization of important states
Programming using PC
Adjustable deceleration speed
Model Type For drones
Software reversal of rotation
False-start protection
Temperature fuse of the controller
Internal Data Logger (data recorder)
Real-time Monitoring (PC or other device)
Automatic Sensor Setting
4 Memory Banks
Number of A123 feeding cells 3
Max. continuous current 70A
Available BEC / OPTO versions 0
Switching HV-BEC voltage 5 V
Number of NiCd, NiMh feeding cells 6
BEC short circuit protection
Plug and Play (functional immediately without the need for additional programming)
Input control signal 400
Outstanding cells management
On-state switch (FETs) resistance at 25 °C 2 mW
Possibility of motor temperature measuring (motor protection)
Dimensions 50 mm
Possibility of setting current limits
Weight without power conductors 40 gram
Possibility of setting the voltage of BEC
Power conductors cross-section to batt. / to mot. 2.5 mm2
Possibility of setting switching off voltage
Servocable cross-section 0.25 mm2
Possibility of manually set number of cells
Possibility of design with external heatsinks
Automatically set timing

Get the full advantage of our 30 years of experience with producing ESCs for both, industrial and modellers customers. X2-SERIES controllers are fully programmable and adjustable for any RC model. You can use our own PC software to adjust the parameters and reading out the history logs of your runs as well. With X2-SERIES controllers you will be able to find the most efficient setup. Developed with RC modellers in mind, we used our experience from various industrial projects to create reliable ESCs with sophisticated system of fuses for the safety of your model. This comes backed by 3 years warranty.

More info
Premium customer service
High controller efficiency
Precise data logging + data analysis
Unique systemof battery care
32 bit system
Unique parameters and options
Each piece tested
Real-time monitoring
Golden multilayerPCB - 105µ

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