Top Speed 12s ESC + Motor Combo ▪️ MGM CONTROLLERS
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Top Speed 12s ESC + MOTOR combo

TMM 40063-3 + LMT 2280/5

Price includes following
Top Speed 12s ESC + MOTOR combo 1 460,44 €
Price total excl. VAT 1 460,44 €

The best ESC + MOTOR combo for top speed!

In order to achieve high RPM and even higher top speed, we've combined 400A ESC with 1480Kv motor into a 12s combo! TMM 40063-3 X2-SERIES PRO is designed for 400A continuous and 500A peak currents!

LMT 2280 motor has a special carbon sleeve on the rotor so it can withstand up to 30% more RPM than it's initially designed for! You can expect up to 65 000 RPM with this beast! The motor has PCB outputs on the top of the motor so it is easily accessible in your build and takes up less space.

The combo is designed not just for 5th scales. It's been fitted in Arrma Limitless and other top speed cars

What are you getting?

  • motor temperature measuring
  • ON/OFF switch
  • increased humidity protection
  • design with active FAN cooling (2 × FAN)
  • power cables 10.0 mm2 (7AWG)
  • set of external capacitors + capacitors mount
  • HiAmp LK Series22 (design with air-cooler inside of motor)
  • 5 windings (1480Kv)
  • 8mm shaft with flatspot
  • Carline design (PCB outputs on the top of the motor)
  • Carbon-sleeve 

PC Connection 

You can configure the ESC and read out the data in order to get the most efficient performance.

  • CC_11 

ESC comes with soldered 3x 8.0mm connectors for the motor side and QS8 connectors with a build-in antispark for a series connection of 2 batteries. You will also get 2 spare connectors for your charger and batteries. If you prefer to connect 3 batteries in series, let us know in the note. We will solder it for you. 

Weight and dimensions
ESC: ca 500g
Motor: ca 800g
Max. peak current 500A
Number of cells 4 - 15
Max. RPM 50000

From RC modellers to RC modellers

In 1997, as one of the first companies, we have started to develop and manufacture the processor-based speed controllers for electric motors. We have been pushing the envelope and bringing something new and better to the RC market since then.

Together with a team of developers and engineers, we were able to cooperate with not just RC modellers, but also numerous Battlebots, Hyperloop or Solar-boat teams and Youtubers from all around the world. With the backing and experience from industrial projects, we are able to bring reliability and safety into the most powerful models and break various world records.

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