Global 3D is the biggest heli event in the world. It takes place near the Venlo, The Netherlands. MGM CONTROLLERS pilots took 4th and 8th place.


The event took place on July 6-8, 2018 in Venlo, the Netherlands. Pilots competed in three separated races - SPEEDCUP, Night Fly and 3D CONTEST.

We were interested mainly in 3D CONTEST, where our pilots, Lukas Vacek, and Fabian Kloss were defending their 2017's TOP 10 results in EXPERTS category. The first day they competed in set maneuvers and freestyle. The first day went really good for our pilots, Fabian took 5th and Lukas 6th place. These results were really promising for the rest of the event.


The second day of the events pilots competed in flight to music. This discipline is one the most interesting. Pilots choose they own music and can really show not just their taste in music, but mainly their flying skills. Since it was the last part of the event before finals, none of the pilots was taking it easy and we saw pilots performing their best!

Fabian ended up on 5th place overall and was one of 5 pilots (from 21 in total) who were about to compete in the finals! Lukas ended up on 8th place and improved his result from the last year.

Finals consisted of the same disciplines as previous days. After very dramatic flights Fabian improved his overall standings to 4th place!

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We were in Venlo for the whole competition and you can see how we enjoyed it in the VLOG on our Youtube channel.

We would like to thank our pilots for representing our team and congratulation for their great results! We are looking forward to GLOBAL 3D 2019.