Interview with Fabian Kloß

Read the interview with the newest member of MGM CONTROLLERS HELI TEAM - Fabian Kloß to learn more about his plans for upcoming months, his beginning with RC helicopters and a lot more.

Hi Fabian, to introduce you to people that might not know you, can you please tell us something about your beginning with RC helicopters?

Hello, my name is Fabian Kloß, I am from Germany and I was in touch with RC community since I was a child. Since my dad is RC helicopter pilot, he regularly took me to the RC events and moreover I liked a lot to watch him over his shoulder, when he was preparing his fantastic models. This was, from my point of view, the most important thing to fall in love with RC modelling and afterwards to start my carrier of a "semi professional" RC Heli pilot.

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You became MGM CONTROLLERS pilot this year, what brought you to get in touch with us and what is your experience with MGM in general?

I started using your ESCs not so long ago and I just like it. The switch to MGM CONTROLLERS enabled me to come up with more advanced performance and this is exactly what I expected after talking to Lukas Vacek and getting to know his experience.


Lukas Vacek is another MGM CONTROLLERS pilot, how did you guys meet? How is the competition between you guys since you are in one team?

I met Lukas Vacek at GLOBAL 3D and he helped me to get a sponsorship from you. He is really good guy, we are in touch and it is always nice to see him at events. I would say that there's no serious rivalry :-) It's very common in the community that almost everybody helps each other to improve themselves.

How is the RC helicopter community in Germany?

The RC Heli community in Germany is really huge. There is a lot of cool guys I regularly meet at the events. The number of people constantly grows so at the events, there are always new guys together with pros, so it is awesome. I like the spirit :-)

When did you started taking rc helis seriously? When did you get a chance to compete with the best pilots in the world? How this happened? Have this experience helped you to improve your training process?

Since I was born I wanted to be the best and I trained with my dad every day to become a pro. I've been to approx. 25 events in Germany and to Global 3D in Netherlands, where I will represent MGM COMPRO for the first time this July. I will also go to Asia Pacific for an event. Next year, I would like to add U.S. event IRCHA to my schedule - this is going to be a real challenge to succeed there.

Thank you very much for a short interview. We are looking forward to our cooperation and we wish you the best for upcoming events!