Introducing the new XPOWERIZED.com site. This site, primarily for the modellers out there, provides you with a forum to share your experience with controllers and other electronics for modellers provided by MGM.

Share your experience with other modellers in using these unique controllers, used by so many modellers around the globe on a daily basis to achieve higher speed, power, efficiency and to break a number of records.

Share the unique projects MGM COMPRO cooperated on and helped many of you achieve and successfully complete a host of unique projects.

Share your experience in finding the most powerful and efficient drive set ups for your models and where the unique data analysis capabilities of X-SERIES and X2-SERIES controllers have helped you achieve the best set up while reaching maximum performance and speed.

Share your experience and projects that have made you one of the thousands of satisfied customers around the world who want to share this top quality product and customer service on the highest level.

Welcome to the MGM CONTROLLERS by MGM COMPRO family.