TMM 28026-3 for Race Boats X2-SERIES / INSTOCK

The most powerful controller for your RC Boat!

TMM 28026-3 for Race Boats X2-SERIES / INSTOCK
448.35 EUR
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Get your controller within a few days!

The best solution if you don't need custom-made controller!

PLEASE NOTICE: This configuration cannot be changed.

GET TMM 28026-3 X2-SERIES in following configuration:


  •  switching high voltage HV-BEC (5V / 6V / 7V / 8V)
  • ON/OFF switch
  • WP version (increased protection against water)
  • standard power conductors
  • design with water-cooled heatsinks
  • set of external capacitors
  • MP JET 1.8mm (recommended for integrated AntiSpark)
  • Soldered MP JET 6.0mm connectors for both, motor and battery side

Why should I buy this product?

  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Premium Customer Service Exclusive
  • AwardWinning 32-BIT SYSTEM
  • Top Care and Engine Control
  • Unique System of Battery Care
  • Battery Long Life Mode
  • Precise Data Logging + Data Analysis
  • More Performance, Efficiency, Speed
  • Each Piece Tested - 100% Warranty
  • Unique Parameters and Options
  • Gold up to 8-Layer PCBs, 105um
  • MGM COMPRO Industrial Technology
  • Made Using Top Technologies