LMT 3080 for Race Boats

LMT 3080 for Race Boats
733.85 EUR from 619 EUR
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LMT 3080 for Race Boats619 EUR
HiAmp LK Series30 (design with mechanical aircooler inside of motor) 24.95 EUR Yes
10mm 0 EUR Yes
MP JET 6.0 connectors, for 6 outputs including counterparts 24.95 EUR Yes
water-cooling shell Series30 64.95 EUR
Price total733.85 EUR

The most favorite motor for all RC fans - LMT 3080 promises power up to 30kW. The motor definitely brings your beast higher efficiency and final torque for your wheels. We recommend using it together with our ESC TMM 40063-3 X2-SERIES PRO with 400 A continuous current to achieve the best results.



Dimensions LK
3080 LK

Technical data
Weight 1650 g 53.049 oz