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x2 series pro

The PRO version of our X2-SERIES controllers was designed to power the performance-focused projects. The dedication we put into engineering of this premium product extends into aftercare – we have a committed technical support team at your disposal on various channels. Take advantage of our experience and cooperate with our team in order to achieve the best results!

Tested in various RC models, we were able to come up with the system that will enable you to push the limits. You'll feel confident with the 2 level fuses protection as well as 5 years warranty!


x2-standard-1Get the full advantage of our 30 years of experience with producing ESCs for both, industrial and modellers customers. X2-SERIES controllers are fully programmable and adjustable for any RC model. You can use our own PC software to adjust the parameters and reading out the history logs of your runs as well. With X2-SERIES controllers you will be able to find the most efficient setup.

Developed with RC modellers in mind, we used our experience from various industrial projects to create reliable ESCs with sophisticated system of fuses for the safety of your model. This comes backed by 3 years warranty.


Say hello to LMT motors that are extreme in every way.

Each part of this product is designed in pursuit of performance and cooling, using the latest technology. With the greatest performance and configurability yet, it is a brushless motor created to let a wide range of modelers push the limits of what is possible. Mainly because of refined manufacturing technologies, the motor series 10, 15, 19, 22, and 30 achieved unmatched quality standards. This made possible a very high power throughout at high rpm values up to an amazing 100,000 RPM. In combination with our ESC, it forms the most sophisticated system.LEHNER MOTOREN