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Who is Ultimate RC Events?

"I am a passionate person who loves to entertain and help people gain new skills. I am hands-on and love to build all sorts of things using any tools I can get my hands on."

Another victory on European Championship class M

The big success of MGM CONTROLLERS Rc Boat team! In total, 9 medals from the Open European Championship class M. Dzwonkowski family is incredibly good at piloting RC speed boats, and that's why they are a part of the elite pilots in every competition around Europe.

GLOBAL 3D - 2022

GLOBAL3D is finally back and we couldn't miss out! As always, it was a very pleasing time that our MGM CONTROLLERS team spent together in the Netherlands. Check out how our pilot, Lukas Vacek did.

Battlebots Season 6

BattleBots season 6 is already over. This season was very exciting, full of great fights and controversy as well. Who is the winner? What happened between Minotaur and Witch Doctor? How did our sponsored teams end up? Let's find out!

Mazda MX-5 NC with E-supercharger

Did you know that e-turbos are becoming more and more popular and people are customizing them themselves at home? One of those people is Ben, who actively writes about his project on his blog and shares step-by-step instructions.

Flying like IronMan? Meet E-wings

3.. 2.. 1.. and JUMP! Humans have been obsessed with flying for centuries, what's been impossible then, now is our daily bread. Planes of every size possible, airships, hot balloons, drones, parachutes, paragliding equipment, and many more.. And what about the WingSuit?

Porsche electric conversion

You have heard it right, guys over at The Real Life Guys are a bit crazy, nothing new. There is no ceiling for them. They modified THE PORSCHE to an electric version and raced it against a gasoline one.