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40035 X3-SERIES

TMM 40035-3 X3-SERIES releases in limited quantity batches. AVAILABLE NOW!

Price includes following configuration
40035 X3-SERIES 615,00 €
Price total excl. VAT 615,00 €
nazev produktu
Need a different configuration?

Make your own custom configuration that fits your model. Choose from multiple add-ons and stand out from the crowd.

Number of cells
Number of cells
5 - 8
Max. continuous current
Max. continuous current
Max. peak current
Max. peak current
Operating voltage
Operating voltage
16 - 35 V

In Speed We Trust

Break records with the new TMM 40035-3 X3-SERIES! Designed to let you stay at full throttle for as long as possible with the new Keep-The-Limit function. New sophisticated X3-SERIES FW enables you to push the limit at 900A peak current!


What's new?

The X3-SERIES connects and retrieves data much faster than the previous generation. New USBCOM6i PC module and CC_12 cables come with updated Controller 3 software finally being available on MAC with wireless connection support coming later this year.

The ESC saves multiple datalogs up to 12.5 hours! No need to read and save data after each run. We worked on limiting cogging during acceleration and have achieved almost "sensored" performance while running sensorless motors. The ESC automatically switches from sensored to sensorless if anything happens to your motor (Battlebots team we see you).


All X3-SERIES come with JETI, Graupner, and Futaba telemetry! 


High continuous power (14kW continuous) comes with high temperatures - that's why the new high RPM fan cools with higher efficiency. ESC stays ice-cold even during record-breaking runs!



The high-quality electronics ESC is covered and protected in the highest quality aluminum housing. The surface is sandblasted and adonized for enhanced durability and scratch resistance. All necessary connections are protected in the case (including PC-COM connector). Even though the ESC is fully cased, there are still visible LED diodes to show you the status of the ESC.


All in one package

Integrated anti-spark protects ESC and your batteries! Powerful BEC is designed to move any servo in any situation. Adjustable voltage (5-8,5V), and 15A continuous, 30A peak current makes it the best BEC in its category.


Model Type For cars
Number of cells 5 - 8
Max. continuous current 400A
Weight incl. all conductors 308 gram
Max. peak current 900A
Operating voltage 16 - 35 V
Programming using PC
Length 108 mm
Width 55 mm
Height 46 mm
Possibility of operation also with sensors motors
Possibility of motor temperature measuring (motor protection)
Telemetry (real-time back data transfer)
Weight 307 gram

From RC modellers to RC modellers

In 1997, as one of the first companies, we have started to develop and manufacture the processor-based speed controllers for electric motors. We have been pushing the envelope and bringing something new and better to the RC market since then.

Together with a team of developers and engineers, we were able to cooperate with not just RC modellers, but also numerous Battlebots, Hyperloop or Solar-boat teams and Youtubers from all around the world. With the backing and experience from industrial projects, we are able to bring reliability and safety into the most powerful models and break various world records.

Other products

USBCOM6i + CC_12 bundle

Communication interface set for X3-SERIES controllers.

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