LMT 2250 for Cars ▪️ MGM CONTROLLERS
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LMT 2250 for Cars

High speed 2-pole brushless motor. Higher efficiency and final torque for your wheels.

Price includes following configuration
LMT 2250 for Cars 326,89 €
Design with 3 outputs 0,00 €
HiAmp LK Series22 (design with mechanical aircooler inside of motor) 19,95 €
Aircooler Series22 34,95 €
Price total excl. VAT 381,79 €
nazev produktu
Need a different configuration?

Make your own custom configuration that fits your model. Choose from multiple add-ons and stand out from the crowd.


Unmatched Quality

Pair the LMT motor with MGM speed controller for the highest efficiency. High speed 2 pole brushless motors will provide you with necessary power and will help you to leave the competition behind. Whether you have RC model, combat robot or plan to design the fastest hyperloop in the World! 

You can choose from numerous windings options to make sure you get the exact RPM your project needs. 

Operating instruction and specifications

Not sure if this motor is right for you? Take a look at all LMT motors, read frequently asked questions, or leave us a message and our support team will take care of you!

Model Type For cars
Maximum RPM 50000
Motor diameter (SERIES) 22

Say hello to LMT motors that are extreme in every way. Each part of this product is designed in pursuit of performance and cooling, using the latest technology. With the greatest performance and configurability yet, it is a brushless motor created to let a wide range of modelers push the limits of what is possible. Mainly because of refined manufacturing technologies, the motor series 10, 15, 19, 22, and 30 achieved unmatched quality standards. This made possible a very high power throughout at high rpm values up to an amazing 100,000 RPM. In combination with our ESC, it forms the most sophisticated system.

More info
Advanced cooling system
Up to 15S
Premium customer service
Each piece tested

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