20063 X3-SERIES for Race Boats ▪️ MGM CONTROLLERS
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20063 X3-SERIES for Race Boats

Price includes following
20063 X3-SERIES for Race Boats 625,00 €
Price total excl. VAT 625,00 €
Continuous current
Continuous current
Operating voltage
Operating voltage
16 - 63 V
Number of cells
Number of cells
5 - 15
Max. phase current
Max. phase current

In Speed We Trust

Set new benchmarks with the latest TMM 20065-3 X3-SERIES! Developed to sustain maximum throttle for extended durations through the innovative Keep-The-Limit function. 

What's new?

The X3-SERIES establishes faster data connections and retrieval compared to its predecessor. New USBCOM6i PC module and CC_12 cables come with updated Controller 3 software finally being available on MAC with wireless connectivity support anticipated later this year.

The ESC can store multiple datalogs for up to 12.5 hours, eliminating the need to manually read and save data after each run. Our efforts in reducing cogging during acceleration have achieved nearly "sensored" performance when using sensorless motors. The ESC seamlessly switches from sensored to sensorless in case of motor issues.

All X3-SERIES come with JETI, Graupner, and Futaba telemetry! 


High power (14kW continuous) comes with high temperatures - that's why the new water cooling design cools with higher efficiency and a better cooling-to-weight ratio than ever before. ESC stays ice-cold even during record-breaking runs!




The high-quality electronics is shielded within a premium aluminum housing, sandblasted, and anodized for enhanced durability and scratch resistance. All essential connections, including the USBCOM connector, are secured within the casing. Despite being fully enclosed, LED diodes remain visible to provide real-time status updates.


All in one package

Integrated anti-spark protection safeguards both the ESC and your batteries. The robust BEC is engineered to handle any servo in any scenario, offering adjustable voltage (5-8.5V) and a peak current of 30A, making it a top-performing BEC in its category.


Continuous current 200A
Operating voltage 16 - 63 V
Number of cells 5 - 15
Max. phase current 650A

The X3-SERIES is the result of over 30 years of experience in ESC development. Our newest ESCs are designed to be pushed to the limit = that's when they are most efficient. Just turn on the Keep-the-Limit function and break the records! X3-SERIES controllers have a much faster PC connectivity with our Controller 3 program finally available on Apple devices. The ESC has been upgraded with larger memory and can store up to 12.5 hours of data.

Developed with RC modelers in mind, we used our experience from various industrial projects to create reliable ESCs with sophisticated system of fuses for the safety of your model. This comes backed by 3 years warranty.

Premium customer service
High controller efficiency
up 12,5 hours of data logging 
Unique systemof battery care
32 bit system
Each piece tested
Golden multilayerPCB - 105µ

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