Open letter from Uai!rrior Team ▪️ MGM CONTROLLERS

Open letter from Uai!rrior Team

The message we received yesterday from one of our Battlebots partnered teams made us a day and we would like to share it with you.

From: Team Black Dragon - BattleBots

Dear Tomas,

In 2020, Uai!rrior Robotics Team lived the dream of being at BattleBots again. The support given by MGM Controllers was essential for us this season, and now, I'm going to give you some updates about this amazing event!

Ua!rrior Team

Our team, despite the issues regarding this Coronavirus pandemic, traveled on september 16th to Mexico City, where we performed a quarantine. Then, we left for California (US) for the reality show recordings. It's important to remember that all WHO recommendations were followed during the competition, in order to keep all participants safe and healthy.

Ua!rrior Team

Our team is very proud to represent once again Brazil, our partners and our University at BattleBots! Our 250 lb robot Black Dragon was more than ready for this season, having some modifications seeking maximum efficiency in the arena. We had exciting fights that will be aired in the coming months by Discovery Channel!

We are very grateful to MGM for all the support given to our team since the first moment. Without your support, living this dream of showing the potential of the technology produced in universities wouldn't be possible!

Below you can access the link to our official page on the BattleBots website:

Thank you! Best regards,

Gabriel Silveira Teles
Team Captain

Ua!rrior Team