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David Merz – XXL RC Boat Builder

Let us present you a really gifted modeller we have just started to cooperate with - David Merz. He creates realistic models in XXL scales. No more words needed, just read on to learn more!

David's passion for RC modelling started in 2008, when he totally fell in love with this hobby (it's not a long time ago, is it?). But since that time he has improved his modelling skills nearly to perfection. If you look at David's dreamy face, you'll get to know really fast, that this guy is living his childhood dreams. Exactly this fact makes his RC models so amazing in every little detail.David_Merz_XXL_Boat_Modeller_MGM_COMPRO (1)

Details matter

If you want make XXL projects like David, you need to have a sense for detail. This is exactly what appealed to David's friends - RC truck modellers - when he showed them his XXL RC Ferry Eugenia. This 4 meter giant weighs 100kg and is able to get a couple of RC trucks on board. The imitation of boarding is just perfect - David constructed realistic pier for trucks to get on board. This always attracts a lot of fans, who are keen on seeing something extraordinary in the world of RC modelling.

Auto mechanic with passion for boats

David is aformer auto mechanic and he used to restore veterans for a while. He even owns legendary Ford Gran Torino from 1972! Since he is a really gifted DIY guy, he studies as many photos of boats he likes and then he creates blueprints only with his pen. He doesn’t use any computers, software, CNCs or 3D printers. Everything he does is done by his hands, which is really hard to believe.David_Merz_XXL_Boat_Modeller_MGM_COMPRO (5)

David’s first model – 2,7 meters long yacht

He worked on his first model for months – the offshore yacht Dragon Douglas PJ 135. He makes everything on his own, he even started to make an upholstery for his models.His motto is: “Impossible is nothing”. If there is something he needs to know, he will learn how to do it by himself. He is workaholic and work is his therapy. “It helps me to stop thinking about regular everyday stuff”, David says.His hobby is very expensive and it is also very time consuming. He spents more than 800 hours on model of the offshore yacht Dragon before it touched water for the first time.But driving a boat on the water is not the David's main goal. He enjoys building RC boats even more than driving them, so even before he is done with one boat he already has a blueprint for a new one.

Big plans for the future

Altogether with his son, David wants to build 1:4 scale model that will be able to pull water skier. It will be approximately 180 centimeters long.His models are not toys at all! His RC sport boat Meriva has the engine with 16hp, which is more than Vespa scooter has. On the lake, it reaches the speed of 55 km/h. David is board member of Model Boat Club Rheintal. He is fascinated by small boats of his friends, but he prefers XXL models because he is able to focus more on details. His dream is to become a regular boat builder or freelance modeler that builds models of RC boats for people that can afford it.Currently, David is working on his new boat with [url:/race-boats/speed-controllers-escs-1 MGM COMPRO ESCs]. We will inform you about details in the next article.David_Merz_XXL_Boat_Modeller_MGM_COMPRO (1)