What's the point of having the coolest RC model if there is no place to share it? Here you can find the featured videos from our customers. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our products in action. Get inspired or feel free to contact us to share your own!

X-35A with TMM 40063-3 X2 Series

Another amazing built by Michael Jausovec, check it out and leave a comment!


Guys from Youtube channel RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7 are showing off their first on run on 12s!


The best of the previous year, thank you for being with us! We cannot wait to see more of your RC projects next year. Big things are coming!


Step by step guide on installing our new MGM ESC+Motor Combo into ARRMA LIMITLESS. The installation process is quite straightforward and easy.

2x Mystic MHZ 138 - Holice 6.10.2019

One of the last POWERBOATS reunions of this season. Enjoy the ride of two Mystics in Holice, Czech Republic

Arrma Limitless - "RTR" Edition | MGM CONTROLLERS

The first street basher in our lineup of fast, tough RC vehicles. Drivers can use their experience and equipment of choice to customize the LIMITLESS for extreme speed and power.

PowerBoat HPR 233

Fast action and charming look. Two giant HPR 233 dancing together on the water - equipped with TMM 40063-3 and LMT 3080/6


This never gets old! Beautiful MHZ MYSTIC 138 cruising the water at 130kmh. SETUP: 2x LMT 2260 motors, 2x TMM 14063-3 X2 SERIES controllers

Fabian Kloß's new helicopter

Our Heli team pilot Fabian Kloß signed a new contract with SAB Heli Division! We wish you a lot of fun and good luck with this great new Goblin 700 Sport!

Poland Record in F1E-Junior speed boats

12,98 seconds? WOW! Check the new Poland record in F1E-Junior class by Mateusz Dzwonkowski! You don't have to ask, of course there was an MGM CONTROLLERS ESC inside of this beauty!

Natrix EDF with our ESC!

It's not that hard to confuse this Natrix EDF with a real jet. We are happy to see TMM 40063-3 X2 SERIES powering this beauty. Thanks to Youtube channel DIGITAL RC for this great video!

Hydroplanes on RC Powerboat meeting Germany

Do you love hydroplanes as much as we do? Check the video from "Fast RC Boats". Hydroplanes CT 05 and CT 10 powered by TMM 40063-3 X2 SERIES controllers making waves in powerboat meeting in Germany.

Hydro & Marine Agitator XL by Jürgen Mauch

Powerboats - Another reason to love summer! This Hydro & Marine Agitator XL is powered by two MGM CONTROLLERS TMM 25063 with two Lehner motors 3040/9. Nice Build Jürgen Mauch!!!

Atlanta Spring Nationals 2018

Enjoy the ride at Atlanta Spring Nationals with Tyler Garrard and his Raptor Q-Hydro powered by TMM 28026-3 X2 SERIES.

HPR233 by Roger Zinner

Roger Zinner equipped his HPR 233 2 sets of TMM40063-3 and LMT3080/8 and now his boat runs 100 mph (158,8 km/h)!


WARR Hyperloop breaks top speed record with 290 mph (467 km/h)! We are proud that our electronic speed controllers played an important part in their win of 3rd SpaceX Hyperloop competition.

2 Losis DBXL powered by TMM25063

Compilation of 2 beautiful Losi DBXL from Youtube users spaat L and George Stasinis with TMM25063-3 showing the right potential of this great RC car!

Heli Challenge 2018 with Yan Müller

Yan Müller won the 3rd place with this flight in Music freestyle contest at Heli Challenge. Enjoy the video with music!

Yan Müller's Heli routine

He is the beast. Watch our pilot Yan Müller getting the best from TMM 18063-3 X2 series. Can't wait to see his performance on GLOBAL 3D

LOSI 5IVE-T by Anthony Blas

That's not just your regular RC toy car. This is Anthony's LOSI 5ive-T!