What's the point of having the coolest RC model if there is no place to share it? Here you can find the featured videos from our customers. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our products in action. Get inspired or feel free to contact us to share your own!


JET that regularly achieves the speed over 170 mph! Setup: Schuebeler HST-51, 12S 5000mAh SLS Li-Pol and TMM 14063-3 X-SERIES speed controller. The pilot is Ali Machinchy, one of the world top RC pilots.

Swiss Starfire JET

Hans-Peter needed a custom design heatsink for his TMM 25063-3 X-SERIES ESC to fit into the Starfire JET. No problem for MGM COMPRO. This is our philosophy. We are always here for all your projects.

Losi 5T GoPro

See the GoPro video showing RC Madness Losi 5IVE-T brushless conversion with MGM COMPRO TMM 25063-3 X-SERIES ESC. See the power of 10300 Watts, 13 HorsePower. Simply amazing!

Bae Hawk RC JET

See the power of this big model with SCHÜBELER DIA HST and TMM 25063-3 X-SERIES ESC. Proud owner says about the X-SERIES: "In the big BAE Hawk we use the TMM 25063-3 X-SERIES and it works perfect!"

Losi 5T, LMT3080/6 LK Intro

20HP electric Losi 5IVE-T introduction. Motor Lehner LMT 3080/6 LK (up to 15S Li-Pol cells, up to 50.000rpms), #1 ESC for 1/5 scale TMM 25063-3 X-SERIES, feeding up to 15S Li-Pol cells.

LA HELI LA-700 Night Flight

LA-700, speed controller ESC - MGM COMPRO type TMM 14063-3 X2-SERIES PRO, motor NEU 1915, akku LE4000 10S.

MHZ Mystic 115

MHZ Mystic 115 by Petr Hales - Setup: 2x NEU 1521, ESC 2x MGM controllers TMM 25035-3 X-SERIES, Akku 2x LE4000 50C/100C 7S.

Aermacchi M346 - Team Austria

Heinz Gatternig and Michael Jausovec fly their Aermacchi M346 (Schübeler DS94DIA-HST, ESC TMM 25063-3 X-SERIES) at the Meeting - Electric Jets Over Emmen 2013. A great show of two friends.

YAK 54 - Jan Spatny

Pilot: Jan Spatny, model type: YAK 54, motor: Gigatex Slim 3500W (sensored), speed controller (ESC): TMM 14063-3 X-SERIES (MGM COMPRO), batteries: 5000mAh 12S.

Dual Motor Losi 5T Intro

Introducing Kavi's extreme electric custom Losi 5T with dual motor design. Two Castle 2028 motors are controlled by two MGM COMPRO controllers type TMM 40063-3 X-SERIES.

Losi 5T pulls Toyota Scion & Tundra

Monster dual motor Losi 5T fully succeed in insane test. Need to pull the Toyota Scion or Tundra? No problem for this extreme RC truck (ESC 2x TMM 40063-3 X-SERIES, MOT 2x Castle 2028). Congratulations Kavi!

Dual Motor Losi 5T

Stunning electric Losi 5T with dual motor. Two motors, two MGM controllers (ESCs) type TMM 40063-3 X-SERIES. Awesome project in awesome video clip.

Fly on Board of M346 JET

Aermacchi M346, impeller DS94DIA-HST, motor DSM6745-700, ESC (regler) TMM 25063-3 X-SERIES, akku Wellpower SE V2 5000mAh / 2 x 14S.

Most Powerful Losi 5IVE-T

Most powerful (15kW / 20HP) Losi 5IVE-T, motor Lehner LMT 3080/6 LK, ESC TMM 25063-3 X-SERIES, up to 15S cells. Enjoy this amazing power and speed.

On Board of MHZ Mystic 138

Fantastic design, fantastic performance, amazing speed. Enjoy the "on board" video taken by GoPro. Power unit 2x LMT 3040/9 LK, speed controller (ESC) 2x TMM 25063-3 X2-SERIES, battery 2x LE5000 10S.