What's the point of having the coolest RC model if there is no place to share it? Here you can find the featured videos from our customers. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our products in action. Get inspired or feel free to contact us to share your own!

Lamborghini MHZ 114 by Customcfparts

Season of raceboats is finally here and we can't wait to see what it brings! Check this crazy fast build by Customcfparts equipped with our TMM 28026-3 running 96 mph!

Břeclav Heli Day 2018

Such a nice sunny day in Břeclav (CZE). Enjoy the show by our pilot Lukáš Vacek.

Adrien's brushless TLR 5ive B

Adrien Bellanger having fun with brushless TLR 5ive-B powered with TMM25063-3 and 12S batteries.


We had a really great time in the Netherlands at the biggest flying competition in the world GLOBAL 3D.

Lukas Vacek in Zlin

Training day on an airfield and a city centre? No problem for Lukas. He is truly pushing the limits!

ROTOR Live 2018 Iffezheim

Small look back for Heli event in Iffezhein called ROTOR Live 2018. Our RC Heli pilots Lukas Vacek & Fabian Kloß showed really great performance there!

Losi 5ive-T ESC + MOTOR Combo

Another video with Losi 5ive-T beast powered by our brushless combo with ESC TMM40063-3! Speed and driveability are insane.


Check out the top performances of RC models equipped with MGM CONTROLLERS technology!

Losi5t vs BMW i3

Electric conversions battle! Check out how fast is Losi 5ive T by MGM COMPRO in comparison with an electric car!

Lukas Vacek with KDS Agile

This short show is during tests new upgrades of MGM COMPRO ESC for RC HELI! Czech RC Pilot Lukas Vacek show amazing tricks with RC Helicopter KDS Agile 7.2.

Lukas Vacek - 3D Global Cup 2016

Czech pilot Lukas Vacek on 3D Global Cup 2016 in Venlo, Netherlands. Lukas shows incredible skills and tricks with KDS Agile RC Heli equiped with MGM COMPRO Electronic Speed Controllers.

RC PowerBoat ML Boatworks GP 310 with MGM COMPRO ESC

Check out the video of our friend Todd Fleury! Cruising the lake with the PowerBoat equipped with MGM COMPRO TMM 25035-3 X2-SERIES Lite ESC might be pretty fast :)

Losi DBXL on the sand

Enjoy speed and great agility of LOSI DBXL on the sandy surface. Are you curious about its guts? Of course the top: Lehner Motor 3060/8 and MGM COMPRO Speed Controller.

Brushless Losi Desert Buggy XL

This is undoubtedly the most powerful and agile 1/5 scale Losi for almost any surface on the market. Check this out!

MGM COMPRO Brushless Losi 5ive-T

Brutally fast 1/5 scale masterpiece. Excellence in equipment - TMM 25063-3 X-SERIES ESC, RC Madness BL5 Conversion Kit, 10S Lipos (2x 5S), 18T pinion

Project CHASER - 133 mph

Advanced engineering in a form of fast and furious supercar. Check out the video from UK ROSSA event. TMM 40063-3 X2-Series PRO ESC, 8cell Lipos and LMT 2240 motor prove top quality.

T-Mono Virus 100mph+

Enjoy sick amount of power! Top-of-the-range controller TMM 80063-3 for Race Boats X2-SERIES PRO in action during the SAW 2014 speed contest in Germany.

MHZ Mystic 1850

After a while you can check out the real water beast! MHZ Mystic 1850 of our friend Sebastijan is a masterfully done pice of work, which is worth seeing!

Flexacopter Kratos Multicopter

Amazing octo-copter Flexacopter Kratos. Eight Plettenberg Orbit 15-24 motors are controlled by eight TMM 6026-3 X-SERIES controllers with very special multicopter firmware.

Losi 5T Dusty Day

Berthold (model owner) wrote: "In this run the peaks were "only" 320A and 11300W input power. The 25063 stays all time cool, I love it ;-) ! Best Regards, Berthold."