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XT90 connectors

heavy duty connectors with built in anti-spark resistor

Price includes following
XT90 connectors 5,69 €
Price total excl. VAT 5,69 €
This system guarantees constant charging of the capacitors on ESC and allows the battery to be connected without sparks on your ESC when you first plug in.The design also provides no chance of incorrect polarity connection. Once soldered up, there are plastic guards that clip on each connector giving you a neatly wired plug and helps prevent short circuits.

These XT90 heavy duty gold plated connectors with built-in antispark resistors are great for middle power electric models equipped with controllers like TMM 25035-3 X2-SERIES.

  • Continuous Current: 40A
  • Max Peak Current: 90A
  • MAX Wire: 10AWG
  • Diameter: 4.5mm
  • Guaranteed Long Battery Life
  • Metal Material: Gold Plated Brass
  • Plastic Material: Nylon with fiber
Price is for 1 pair of connectors (1 male + 1 female) and 1 pair of wire separator.

From RC modellers to RC modellers

In 1997, as one of the first companies, we have started to develop and manufacture the processor-based speed controllers for electric motors. We have been pushing the envelope and bringing something new and better to the RC market since then.

Together with a team of developers and engineers, we were able to cooperate with not just RC modellers, but also numerous Battlebots, Hyperloop or Solar-boat teams and Youtubers from all around the world. With the backing and experience from industrial projects, we are able to bring reliability and safety into the most powerful models and break various world records.

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