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MGM CONTROLLERS Team has made a journey to the GLOBAL3D Competition as they do every year. This time, only one of our pilots made it to the competition - Lukas Vacek, Expert Class Pilot. His brand new Goblin Heli was equipped with a TMM 18063-3 X2-SERIES PRO and as always, we were competing only in the 3D contest, which has a very testing format comprising three separate disciplines.

We arrived on Thursday, one day before the competition to meet other pilots and friends – and also to do some training before the show. The first day of the show was for the Set of Manoeuvres flight, each pilot elects to fly 5 maneuvers chosen from a pre-published schedule. Lukas took 11. place in this discipline, excellent performance!Next day was The Freestyle round, pilots were allowed to show the audience and the judges just what they are capable of in a totally free format without music. Lukas was forced to use the yellow card in this one due to the small crash during the flight, this card allowed him to do re-flight. Each pilot has one yellow card for the whole competition. 4 Crashes in total in the Masters while pushing it!

The final day was the best day for everyone. Flight to music is an art form in its infancy, and it has been demonstrated that when a model helicopter is flown accurately to music, a rare beauty becomes evident. Some pilots are very skilled in selecting suitable music and developing flight routines to best show off their ability.

In the end, Lukas took 12th place, which is a beautiful position on such a big competition. Big congratulation to the absolute winners Sakkarin Kongthon and Vava Boonmala, such a fantastic performance! Besides the 3D competition, there is also Speedcup and NightFly. In Speedcup, Marc Rodewald was able to reach the average speed of 282km/h on a 200m speed course. Night fly was sadly canceled this time due to rainy weather.