Jumping with e-wingsuit? Three times yes! ▪️ MGM CONTROLLERS

Flying like IronMan? Meet E-wings

3.. 2.. 1.. and JUMP! Humans have been obsessed with flying for centuries, what's been impossible then, now is our daily bread. Planes of every size possible, airships, hot balloons, drones, parachutes, paragliding equipment, and many more.. And what about the WingSuit?

Have you ever heard about the WingSuit? It is technically a one-piece garment that enables a person to glide through the air when in free fall. The Wingsuit Tandem is a great novelty in the history of skydiving. Anyways, this story isn't about an "ordinary" outfit. 

If the idea meets the right people, everything is possible - that's why we can adore the exciting e-Wingsuit now. 
A fully electrified device that takes you from the decreasing fall to the rising flight. 
Vincent, the wingsuit world champion and David who dreamt about flying like Iron Man for many years. Thanks to these two strangers, one living in France, and the other one in China, we all can experience this thrilling feeling of gliding in the sky. They never met before, worked on this secret, self-founded work in the basement, over the huge distance, and yet they succeeded. 

It took around 8 months to make first prototype, which is fully functioning but also at this moment, working on the optimization - version 2.0.

E-wings with 56kg of thrust and 45kW of electric power are completed with MGM CONTROLLERS speed controllers 25063-3. MGM ESCs bring the greatest power in such a small size. With 25kW in 400A of peak currents, 250A continuous, these little beasts are the best option available. With a maximum speed of 300 kilometres per hour, can you imagine? 

Love to be part of the edge when an impossible change in possible. 
Good luck guys from SkyVibration, we will watch your way up!