Looking back at 2016 ▪️ MGM CONTROLLERS

Looking back at 2016

First of all, we want to thank you for all your support in 2016! Last year was full of important milestones for MGM COMPRO. So before we start to write news about what is happening in 2017, let us sum up 2016.

25 years on duty

The biggest milestone of last year was celebration of 25 years of our company. That goes hand in hand with significant growth of our community. On our Facebook , we already have more than 40 000 RC modellers and it is increasing every day. We have expanded to other social media too. Make sure to check out our Instagram profile to see photos and videos of the top RC models from all around the world in action.

Lukas Vacek - MGM COMPRO RC Heli pilot competing with top class

Our cooperation with Lukas continues and resulted in the development of brand new series of ESCs. Lukas has represented our company on [url:/news/3d-global-cup-2016 3D GLOBAL CUP in Netherlands], where he has ended on the 10th place in overall standings.To improve his performance, Lukas has visited our company for [url:/news/testing-day-with-lukas-vacek Testing Day], where we have worked together on his setup and he showed us his newest tricks. [url:/news/interview-with-lukas-vacek Read the interview] with Lukas to find out more about his plans for this season.

Todd Fleury - RC Powerboat pilot

Our goal is to extend our team pilots to every field of RC modelling. This is why we have established cooperation with Todd Fleury – talented RC Powerboat pilot from Michigan, USA. Since the beginning of our cooperation in June, he has already accomplished great results in [url:/news/fantastic-success-at-can-am-event race events].

David Merz - XXL modeller with big plans

David Merz is a Swiss modeller, who builds realistic XXL models of boats. We were pleased when David contacted us to cooperate on the XXL model of Corvette ZR1. We will keep you informed about this project in the following months. Meanwhile you can [url:/news/david-merz-xxl-rc-boat-builder read more about his hobby in the article].David_Merz_XXL_Boat_Modeller_MGM_COMPRO (7)

Looking for talented modellers

Because we always look for talented RC modellers, we have decided to organize the contest, where we will choose the best one, who gets the MGM COMPRO sponsorship and will be supported for the season 2017. We have found a lot of talented modellers - the winner will be announced in the following days on our Facebook page .We are really looking forward to 2017 and wish all our RC friends a lot of fun with our technology!