Polish Championship - Dzwonkowski Family continues to win ▪️ MGM CONTROLLERS

Polish Championship - Dzwonkowski Family Continues To Shine

Once again, Dzwonkowski family surprised us with their performance at 1 Round Master of Poland 2021 and takes home a lot of cups!

A few days ago a  POLISH CHAMPIONSHIP was held in Tuchola, Poland and Dzwonkowski family from MGM Team was present! We are glad that our speed controllers serve you so well and congratulations once again on your huge success!


Michał Dzwonkowski

Start Junior - 1st place
Mini Eco Junior - 2nd  place
Mini Hydro Junior - 4th  place

Mateusz Dzwonkowski
Mini Eco Junior - 1st  place
Eco Senior - 2nd place
Mini Hydro Junior - 3rd  place
Hydro1 Senior - 3rd place

Jacek Dzwonkowski
Mini Eco Senior - 2nd place
FSRE Senior - 2nd  place
Hydro1 Senior - 4th  place