Race with Electrified Porsche - The Real Life Guys ▪️ MGM CONTROLLERS

Porsche electric conversion

You have heard it right, guys over at The Real Life Guys are a bit crazy, nothing new. There is no ceiling for them. They modified THE PORSCHE to an electric version and raced it against a gasoline one.

Just a bit dramatic, huh? 
But The Real Life Guys deserve just the best introduction. A team of enthusiastic innovators came up with another insane, but not impossible, idea. The race between Porsche 911 and Porsche Mini. And how these two can even compete? Easily, If you choose the MGM CONTROLLERS ESCs. After they shared this idea with us, we were in with no doubt this is the project we want to be part of.

For the Porsche Mini modification, we decided that the 40063-3 X2-SERIES PRO speed controllers are the best choice. 25kW of power in compact package is exactly what you need when you are limited by space. 

"With the greatest power and configurability yet, it is a speed controller created to let a wide range of RC models push the limits of what is possible." and man, they did endee PUSH THE LIMITS. 

The race by itself was way too intense, the quick acceleration and immediate torque of electric propulsion made it a dramatic photo finish.  Who won? check it out by yourself in the video below.

We always bet on the MGM!


Can't wait for another email from them starting with "Hi MGM, we have come up with a new idea.."