RC PowerBoat ML Boatworks GP 310 ▪️ MGM CONTROLLERS

RC PowerBoat ML Boatworks GP 310

Our friend Todd Fleury who is part of the MGM COMPRO racing team sent us an onboard video of his RC PowerBoat – ML Boatworks GP 310. We introduced you Todd and his achievements in our previous articles.

Todd is an American RC modeller, who has been cooperating with MGM COMPRO for a while now. He is our testing pilot and he picked [url:/race-boats/speed-controllers-escs-1/tmm-25035-3-for-race-boats-x2-series-lite.html MGM COMPRO TMM 25035 PRO ESC] for his ML Boatworks GP 310. This is really good choice for a boat of this parameters and Todd is really satisfied with his choice. Todd's setup:
  • PowerBoat: ML Boatworks GP 310
  • ESC: [url:/race-boats/tmm-25035-3-for-race-boats-x2-series-pro.html MGM COMPRO TMM 25035-3 X2-Series PRO]
  • Motor: [url:/race-boats/lmt-lehner-motors-1/lmt-2250-for-race-boats.html LMT 2250 for Race Boats]
Todd gives us the feedback about our ESCs regulary and his experiences helps us to innovate our products.Since the first purchase of this amazing ESC he has already achieved big things. You can read about his successful participation at [url:/news/fantastic-success-at-can-am-event Can-Am event] in the article.Todd is now preparing himself for the next season and you can check out the onboard video of his performance below. Do not forget to join [url:/news/win-mgm-compro-sponsorship our contest] where you can win MGM COMPRO sponsorship and a lot more.