Testing Day with Lukas Vacek ▪️ MGM CONTROLLERS

Testing Day with Lukas Vacek

In the same way we are continuously working on the development of our technology, Lukas Vacek is practicing his tricks and routines. Every time he visits our company, it's a great pleasure for us to witness his unbelievable skills - not only in the air!

Lukas Vacek is not only one of the best RC Helicopter pilots in the world (read article about his participation on [url:/news/3d-global-cup-2016 3D Global Cup]), he also works with us on the development of our latest Firmware for [url:/helicopters/speed-controllers-escs-3 RC Helicopter ESCs].

Lukas Testing our Technology

In the air, the only thing Lukas has to be focused on are his tricks! There is no time to think about his technology. After consultations and firmware adjustments with our developers, Lukas tests his KDS Agile right away - at the full blast. As he says: "my maneuvers are sometimes beyond the construction safety of my RC Heli”.We would like to share this unbelievable piece of art with you in the following video, so check this out!

The peak of the RC Helicopter season - 3D GLOBAL CUP

Lukas represents colors of MGM COMPRO with his KDS Agile 7.2. The main goal of our cooperation is to prepare Lukas for unofficial world championship – 3D Global CUP and a very prestigious event RotorLIVE , where the best pilots in the world compete in flight to music discipline. Learn more about Lukas, our company and latest updates of MGM COMPRO ESCs in the interview with Lukas, which is coming out later this week.Stay tuned and have fun! :-)