What is PROJECT Bourdon™

Everything you need to know about this special 20,000 USD RC car made by Luc Jalbert.

On our Facebook page you could come across an interesting RC car and a project called Bourdon™. Behind this project is a talented designer Luc Jalbert from Alva Design and we are happy to have an article for you where you will learn more about this project.

Luc, how did you come up with the idea of making such a vehicle?

I am fascinated by tracked vehicles. I made my first scale tracked vehicle at the age of 17 (1983). I designed a second version in 1990. After selling my automation business in 2017, I decided to make a third version, focusing on it being fast. I am an Automation Engineer, I like to create products that stand out from the competition. The Bourdon™ project is a good example. Why the name Bourdon™ for this project? Bourdon is the French name for a bumblebee. The link between the project and a bumblebee are the colors yellow & black!

How long it took from the first idea to the final run and breaking 100kmh?

This project started in January 2017. The design including a prototype for the track was completed in April 2018 (16 months). The manufacturing and assembly were completed in December 2018. Tests and modifications began in January 2019. The speed of 100 km/h was reached in July 2020. Today, there are around 7000 working hours that have been spent on this project. Bourdon is currently powered by two TMM 25035-3 controllers.


Are you able to tell us if you made everything by yourself? How much it cost you?

I performed mechanical, electrical and computer engineering. Most of the mechanical parts were made by my company Alva which offers 3D printing services. For example, the suspension arms are printed in nylon and continuous carbon fiber which allows it to be stiff and light. The rubber tracks were manufactured in-house. The machined and laser-cut parts were manufactured externally. All standard parts (mechanical and electronic) have been purchased. The cost in material excluding labor is approximately 20,000 USD.

What was the purpose of such a vehicle?

The primary goal was to develop a high-performance RC product that does not exist on the market. The vehicle is designed for racing. For example, it could be used for racing on snow. The idea is to offer a new experience in the field of RC. I am currently thinking about how the product could be marketed. If you want to support the project or want to know more, use the following links:

Alva Design WEBSITE
Alva Design FACEBOOK